Scheduled Games Thru April 2013

Feb 2 – Bill’s house
Feb 16 – Kevin’s house
March 2 – Bill’s house or TBD
March 16 – Bill’s house or TBD
March 30 – Kevin’s house
April 13 – Bill’s house
April 27 – Bill’s house or TBD

All games start at 2pm – whenever (usually we stop somewhere between 10pm and 12am). Please check these dates and let me know about conflicts ASAP so we can make adjustments as necessary.

Hero Labs
Please update your characters to the current game session and send me a copy of your 7th lvl builds. I think I have Arabella’s and maybe Drakkus’s character sheets updated.

Kingdom Building
We will definitely do some kingdom building this next game session.


I am putting out a lot more material on knights, including codes and rankings in the next day or two.

In between game times

Some food for thought between now and next game:

- Kingdom roles and Council seats. Just because the AP gives a list of positions does not mean you guys cant invent new ones. I already invented one for Falinax called Minister of Resources. While they won’t all have a kingdom bonus associated with them, it might be worth considering, just from the standpoint of recognizing and rewarding good NPCs in your kingdom. Some possible roles are:

- Master Builder – someone to help plan your cities, make suggestions, bring up logistical issues and concerns

- Master of Goods/Minister of Trade – right now your commerce is still small, but soon merchants will be descending on Vallis in droves. This has the potential to wreck your market and economy if you don’t keep an eye on their own personal moneymaking schemes. Think price fixing, intentional shorting to raise prices, etc.

- Knight Captain – someone in charge of the Vallis royal knights and cavalry. This includes paladins that follow a knightly code.

- Mayors and Sheriffs – You are already doing this now, though eventually Svetlana may have to decide between being the Master of Coin and the Mayor of Knight’s Rest, just due to workload.

- Master of Investigations – You may want to appoint a special investigator to handle serious crime and mysteries within your own lands. Perhaps not now, but as you grow larger

- Lord of the Free Companies – as your kingdom grows, mercenary bands and adventurers may head south into the Stolen Lands. We all know the destructive force that is adventuring parties in the quiet confines of a kingdom. Perhaps some one to license, keep track of, hire, reward, etc may be a possible role for the future.

- Lord of Heralds. Someone to keep track of all the noble houses and politicall active families in neighboring lands. Think sage specialized in history/nobility/heraldry

- Master of Caravans – Someone to help with logistics and commerical travel within the kingdom, perhaps working with the MInister of Trade.

- Headmaster – this assumes you are eventually going to open an academy, college of sages, or some other institute of higher learning in Vallis. Knowledge and educated individuals are a rare commodity, in particular in the area of Numeria, the River Kingdoms, and Brevoy. These tend to accumulate in larger cities like Korvosa, Magnimar, Chelaxan cities, Absalom, Qadira, and the lands of Casmaron.

Suggestions: Don’t let your valauble NPC commodities get away or be hired by other lords.


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