Arkadis Visorian "The Weeping Warrior"

legendary Aldori Swordlord, went into self-imposed exile after fall of House Romanowsky


Lvl 5 weaponmaster fighter/Lvl 9 Aldori Swordlord

Fights in the Aldori style of both Mivon and Brevoy. Is currently the only know Aldori to practice the Janus style of fighting with two Aldori blades at once.

He wields two blades that are of exquisite quality and craftsmanship, one dark and made of adamantium and the other silvery and made of mithril. If pressed into a duel he fights with only one sword- silver for honor, dark metal for death.


Arkadis Visorian was the champion of the fallen Lord Romanowsky, scion of the fallen Swordlord house. House Romanowsky adopted the ways of Choral and became his lackey. Shortly after the Swordlords of Brevoy were defeated at the Valley of Fire, Romanowsky made a bid to take control of the Swordlords by slaughtering the ruling lords at the wedding of two families, creating a Red Wedding.

Arkadis fought as the lord’s champion until the bitter end, and refused to surrender until the Lord was dead, feeling bound by honor. He is extremely honor driven, and is considered by some to be the paragon of a Swordlord. He disappeared from society after the fall of the house he served, and was not see again until the party encountered him in the employ of Baroness Sylvia and Lord Grunthor. He was brought back with the Baron’s family to Vallis, still serving as the sworn protector of Baron Manning’s two boys.

During the raid on Castle Winterhome, Queen Arabella was forced to fight a duel with him to distract him while the children were taken back to Vallis. She lost after a grueling fight,

Arkadis Visorian "The Weeping Warrior"

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