Akiros Ismort

cohort and protector of the Queen of Vallis


Lvl 5 Fighter (fallen paladin currently reforming under Jhod)

Wields a magical bastard sword given to him by the party that they recovered from the raid on Castle Winterhome.

Wears masterwork full plate and a shield, both bearing the holy symbols of Erastil.


Akiros is a fallen paladin of Erastil that fell in with the Stag Lord out of a sense of depression and indifference to the world. When the party faced off against the Stag Lord, he came down on the side of the party and helped them defeat the Bandit Lord.

Queen Arabella has since taken him as her consort and he has devoted himself to serving as her personal protector and leader of the Queensguard, a group of bodyguards dedicated to protecting the royal family. This is make even more awkward by the fact she continues to be an active adventurer.

There is a lot of animosity towards Akiros by Kesten and the two have come to blows several times. Kesten feels Akiros was pardoned and trusted too quickly and he is still a scoundrel at heart. It should be interesting to see how things sit now that Kesten is part of the royal family.

Akiros Ismort

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