Lords of Fluviallis

Whispers of Death...


After lengthy preparations and several council sessions, the Vanguard of Valis rode across southeastern Brevoy towards Castle Harte, determined to free the Baron and Lord Mayor. They found the secret tunnel that led into the castle, and proceeded down it, hoping it was still unblocked and would lead them into the castle. Instead they found a series of tunnels dug in the middle of the escape tunnel and a large cavern. While exploring they encountered three giant Death Whisper spiders (identified by the bright green tear drop on their underbelly) and several swarms of smaller spiders. Sir Eric was brutally ripped in the chest by their venomous fangs and immediately fell into a paralyzed coma. Hede was assaulted from behind and seriously damaged, but managed to fight of the venom his attacker injected. When we pick up our story again, the Vanguard fight bravely against heavy odds, surrounded on all sides by giant fangs and glistening obsidian arachnids…



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