To Do List

This page has been added to keep track of loose threads. Feel free to add to the list as necessary.


1. Deal with Stag Lord. (should be done before late fall/winter)
2. Explore area around lake.
3. Negotiate/find a location for Quarry.
4. Investigate Ingulfs Gate. (Hex 68)
5. Deal with Mites.
6. Expand Oligs.
7. Determine nature of/develop mine.
9. Find out more about dragon(s?).
10.Visit Elvin Village, bury dead
11.Wanted Posters.

*Steve note: *___I would put the wanted posters higher priority, also put the development of the gold mine at a higher priority since without serious funds we can’t really do anything important, and we can’t rely on stumbling onto treasure for funds. Also suggest putting Ingulf’s gate much lower on the list — the gate will take us completely out of the river kingdom area. _

Think the priorities should be:

  1. The two-legs need to buy the people more apples.

CHECK! 1. Come up with a name for the group (got reminded by the DM that this is an important thing to do to get our name well known in the area, or else some other group will take the spotlight or will claim to be affiliated with us when they are actually not).
CHECK! 2. Stag lord (loose end, very important for security of the kingdom of Brevoy)
3. Finish mites, (and also secure moon radishes?)
4. Wanted posters
5. Deal with Elven harbinger of human tears, visit elven village, bury dead
6. Develop gold mine
7. Explore lake
8. Expand Oleg’s
9. Investigate dragons
10. Investigate Ingulf’s gate
11. Investigate quarry (put this last because it is so far away, we should explore our current sector more thoroughly first, and we are not ready to build fortifications yet)

To Do List

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