The timeline is shown in reverse chronological order so that the most recent events appear at the top.

Arodus 8 – Party returns to Olegs. Receive message requesting rescue of Arabella’s father. Roads built from Oleg’s (a.k.a. “Alterfreund” =P) to several nearby farms.

Arodus 6 Falinax restores former mite infested tree

Arodus 4 — Falinax raised, discovered barrows with magic traps/staff of rune lords/scrying sheet/wizard parlor, etc. and looks like ghouls tunneled out of the barrow

Arodus 2 — Dead patrol found – probably killed by chaos drakes

Arodus 1 — Chaos drakes spotted in storm

Erastus 14 — Reward for stag lord’s head obtained

Erastus 7 — Mevonese army sighted moving toward Brevoy

Sarenith 30 — Explored and saw signal, took Akiros Ismort, lieutentant of Stag Lord as hostage. At night – prepared to travel to exchange location the next day, talked with Akiros, rest of party shows up in the night.

Sarenith 29 — Davik helps them cross river again, explored to the west along river

Sarenith 27-28 — Check on kobolds, explored hexes around Lake Tuskwater and found Staglord’s fort (they think). At night – Slept at pool. Sir Eric sees a glowing party of fey leave the pool on horseback.

Sarenith 26 — Doubled back towards Tuskwater, found icy beautiful pond surrounding by a woods, party went swimming.

Sarenith 25 — Met trolls along riverbank, retreated. Found burned out bridge, met undead Davik Nettles, who helped party across river in return for a pledge to kill stag lord and throw his body in the river there at the bridge site.

Sarenith 24 — Kobold lair (entrance blocked). At night – party slept in cave, riders on other side of river at 4am

Sarenith 23 — checked out mine. At night – Encountered Hill giants camping in grasslands

Sarenith 21-22 — Oleg’s

Sarenith 20 — Hunter’s cabin. Fal, Drakkus, and Hede head north to replant 3 bushes of radishes, everyone else heads to Olegs.

Sarenith 19 — Discover Brodhan and Dallad’s cabin (upper northwest corner of hex 45):
- at the same time the red cap from Sarenith 16 discovers it
- Attack and kill three evil humans there
- free the brownie “Janine” before she turns into a red cap. We promise to to help the brownie and the red cap leaves.
- free the captive woman

Sarenith 16 — Westerling farm:
- On their way to the Westerling farm, Falinax and Udo are ambushed by a red cap who has some sort of grudge against Udo and Demetri, and slices Udo’s horse in half.
- They retreat to the farm, and Falinax negotiates with the red cap who is looking for a brownie named “Janine” about to turn into an evil red cap.
- Red cap leaves them alone for now in exchange for information leading to Janine’s general location.

Sarenith 15 — Ambushed by skilled elven rangers:
- elves call Udo a traitor and humans destroyers of elven happiness
- elves are led by the “Harbinger of Human Tears”

Dream event: Drakkus has a dream where he sees through the eyes of a female brownie forced to clean up the house of some dastardly humans named Broghan and Dallad, who are also keeping an unknown woman captive.

Sarenith 13 —
- Fangberries (hex 45), reward for these offered by Bokken because he uses them to make his potions very tasty
- moon radishes plundered

Sarenith 12 — Rickety bridge (hex 37), chortling sound from downriver

Sarenith 11 — Black dragon flying overhead at night…

Sarenith 10 — Kobold lair:
- Returned to kobold lair with Mik Mik and the missing statue.
- Kobold chief shatters statue to break curse and kills witch doctor.
- Big feast celebration. Jeremiah also conducts the Celebration of the Burning Blades.

Sarenith 7-9 — Assault on mite’s lair – Falinax and Udo decide to play “hide the centipede egg” and get gangbanged by thong wearing mites. They get captured and the rest of the group enters and frees them. Found jewelled +1 short sword (for Hede).

Sarenith 5-6 — attacked by wights in the wilderness, Phoebus almost undeadified

Sarenith 2-4 — Party returned to Oleg’s Trading Post (Oleg killed by poison, Falgrim betrays, Jax and Svetlana put out fire, map sent to Baron Manning, Thomas Levino human smith arrives)

Sarenith 1 — Find an elven woman being assaulted by three woodsmen while four riders watch. Udo befriends the elven woman, whose purity is absolutely without question, stain, or mark, or any hint whatsoever of the slightest flaw.

Desnus 30 — Mite lair, Spring Ends

Desnus 29 — Village of Greenwell ruins

Desnus 28 — Undead

Desnus ? — Eric and Drakkus went back Oleg’s

Desnus 26 — Old tree on hill

Desnus 25 — Will-o-wisp tries to eat us
- head kobold calls Jeremiah “savior” and they swear allegiance to us, though they secretly wish they were Drakkus’ minions

Desnus 22-24 — Oleg’s Trading Post:
- Send letters back to Tammerling with Stag Lord pendants
– Oleg approves of idea to expand
– Jhod Kavken: priest of Erastil with dream about ruined temple, we offer to take him along once he’s learned to ride

Desnus 21 — Confrontation with Bandits at Thorn River Camp

Desnus ? — Kestin Garess arrives:
- Hopes that helping in the Stolen Lands will restore his place in house Garess

Desnus ? — Worg attack:
- Find a cave with broken tools
- Light a fire to lure bandits

Desnus ? — Fun with Fae:
- Grig named Tyg-titter-tut and a fairy dragon named Perlivash
- Tyg tells us about “interesting plants” to the east

Desnus 20 — Fun with radishes:
- little horned lizard men chase us off
- later find out they are rare and expensive “moon radishes”

Desnus ? — Oleg’s Trade House:
- rewards for bandits
- rewards for moon radishes
- offer of a charter to whomever stops the Stag Lord (we take that down)
- orders of supplies are in

Desnus 19 — hidden cave with sparkling walls, poison ivy incident with Fae

Desnus 18 — trapdoor spiders

Desnus ? — Found 2-day-old tracks of someone armored & heavy

Desnus ? — begin training horses to come to signal whistle

Desnus ? — met Fernando the Magnificent a very fun finely dressed fey with a blue feather who likes “Millie” (Minnie?) the Brownie who helped us earlier and gave us the wreath

Desnus 11 — Oleg’s Bandit Fight: We lure them in and close gate behind them.
Desnus 10 — Reached Oleg’s Trading Post.

Desnus ? — Camp: Find Fae marking, leave offerings, recieve rewards (wreathes, fruit, firewood)

Desnus ? — Village of Thane: Ask about Staglord and the Greenbelt

Desnus ? — Camp: Attacked by bandits, humans and half-orcs, green scrap on their arms, try to steal horses

Desnus 2 — Started adventure


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