Plot Twist Cards

For the Kingmaker game, I have finally decided how we will use plot twist cards.

We will call the normal flow of cause and effect game events that are happening all over the world of Golarion The Tapestry. Deciphering the Tapestry and interpreting the pattern of its weave is how prophecies and predictions of the future are done. This is why after the Death of Aroden, a major cosmic event, none of the old prophecies were valid anymore, because the weave of the Tapestry had become too drastically altered. Similarly, wishes, and to a much smaller extend Plot Twist cards, alter the fabric of the Tapestry in smaller ways, which can be known by those who have the means to Divine such things. Obviously they are also available to the Gods if they choose to share this information with their mortal followers and worshippers.


Each person will draw a visible card that they can play at any point in time during the campaign. They will also draw an unseen card and hand it to the GM, who will secretly record it. No one but the GM will know this second card.

1. The visible card can be played in melee using the black banner affect at the top of the card, or during game play, in which case it will alter the storyline. The card is meant to be a positive Agent of Fate, and will do its best to alter the fabric of the storyline in your personal favor (not necessarily the whole party, although generally they are the same thing).

2. Once the visible card has been played, two things happen:

A. You receive (1) Hero Point to use at any time per the Hero Point system in the back of the APG. The only change is that stabilizing at -con value requires only a single point not two.

B. The unseen card is played by the GM on the storyline. The unseen card is a counterbalancing Agent of Fate, meant to restore order to the Tapestry that was disrupted when the first card was played.

3. Every so often in the game (GM’s discretion), new Plot Twist cards (visible and unseen) will be drawn by everyone. Anyone still holding a Hero Point or an old Plot Twist card at this point will lose their benefits, and receive a new pair of cards (visible and unseen).

4. Plot Twist effects are noticeable to Diviners, Harrow Readers, Oracles of Lore, etc. They cannot tell anything about the effects, other than they were conscious changes in the Tapestry. For instance, if Bill, who is the party’s Harrow Reader, is doing a reading the cards will likely reveal that two people have altered the weave of the Tapestry this week, and likely will show who they are (ie-Hede and Falinax), mainly because they are his close companions. Later on, the river overflows its banks and floods two farms, causing a small outbreak of Blackwater fever. If Bill were to do a Harrow Reading shortly after this, he would be able to tell this event was not part of the original Tapestry weave and had been altered. How much detail he would receive would be dependent on his skill roll. Of course, the village seer, using whatever method of scrying is available to him or her, might also be able to tell it was not a natural event.

General Guidelines for the cards:

1. You can specify what you want the card to affect, in general, if its played on the storyline.

2. Their power act generally as a wish or a request from a good-natured Djinni might, in other words, you may get a result that is basically what you asked for, but not exactly, depending on how much the fabric of reality had to warp to comply.

3. You cannot play them on other PCs unless they agree to it. For instance, you could not play the Backstabbed! card on another PC. There is not logical in game reason for it, other than the same reason I don’t allow evil PCs alignments, there is just too much room for escalation and hurt feelings.

Plot Twist Cards

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