Scheduled Games Thru April 2013

All games are currently at Gary’s house unless otherwise noted:

July 12th, 26th (Bill’s house)
Aug 9th, 23rd
Sep 6th, 20th

All games start at 12 pm – whenever (usually we stop somewhere between 10pm and 12am). Please check these dates and let me know about conflicts ASAP so we can make adjustments as necessary.

Hero Labs
Please update your characters to the current game session and send me a copy of your 9th lvl builds. Update – Still need everyone’s Herolab portfolio, especially Gary.

In between game times

I have posted the most recent current events in the forum. It is meaty with a ton of info wrought with implications, threats, and even opportunities. Also, see what fun Madrae has been having while the Queen is off playing in Mivon! Have at thee! :P

Forum maintenance

I archived a bunch of active threads today. Ones that discussed important things or held information that is still valid going foward were placed under “important posts to keep” and the rest were put in the archive folder. I will do this from time to time to keep the main forum area current, cleaned up, and easy to read. Please check out the remaining threads and reply or comment as you see fit. Everything left in the main forum is relevant and active now.


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