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I am going to try to handwave the mechanics of kingdom building, at least in the beginning… meaning rather than assigning you all +2 econony and +1 loyalty for building a tavern, and having you all build to meet certain goals rather than by what seems best storywise, etc. I may just assign you all Build Points (BP) and such based on how well you all make your decisions in general, falling back on building mechanics once things are further advanced.

I will give you all some guidelines to go by that will come from various group member’s expertises.

- Your capital (not necessarily the first town you build) should ideally be somewhat central to your kingdom, to facilitate quick transport of goods and troops to anywhere in your realm.

- The River Kingdoms rely heavily on the rivers instead of roads for transport and trades. This makes it highly desirable at least one major town, if not your capital on a river.

- Farms are the lifeblood of a kingdom. You need to make sure you have enough to support your more dense population areas.

- Roads are necessary to make sure farmers and troops can quickly get around your kingdom. It increases economy and trade to have good roads.

- It is advisable to have a regular visible military presence of some king patrolling your kingdom or permanently established in certain areas to secure your lands. Farmers and merchants need to see protective resources close at hand and threats require regular monitoring to keep them at bay.

- Stone is very hard to come by in Brevoy and the River Kingdoms. The geography is primarily lush, fertile grasslands and fields, along with woodlands and the occasional swamp. Only castles, the palace in the Capital, and a few templs of Abadar are made of stone. Almost all buildings are crafted from wood harvested in Brevoy or the River Kingdoms. There is however a large mountain range off to the east of where you all are now that could be tapped to provide more stone resources (Nomen Heights) in the future. Once you get going, you all should probably acquire a good source of building stone locally.

- There are quite a few woodsmen in the Stolen Lands, and also quite a few fey. If you all are going to found a kingdom there, you should give some thought to how you all are going to manage the need for wood vs the need to keep wilderness areas and preserve lands important to woodland fey.

- Specialized valuable resources should be identified, protected, and cultivated, as they will provide exceptional benefit economically and help people identify your kingdom by them. Mines, rare woods and plants, unusual landscape and geographical locations, hot springs, healing springs, enchanted locations, etc.

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1. Build up Oleg’s Trading Post (hex 14). Start a small settlement based around tradesmen and craftsmen, like a sort of free-market community. Open market of tradesmen of all sorts: carpenters, miners, engineers, alchemists, doctors, farmers. Just really everyone. Regulated in some way, of course, but in a way that keeps the money in the pockets of those who earn it. (Steve note: what about taxes or some fee for letting them set up there? ‘Course then it’s not a “free-market”, but how else do we profit from this in order to fund the kingdom. Then again a true free market might attract a lot of trade which is a good start, and probably what you were thinking anyway…) Thinking maybe have a garrison set up for The Irregulars as a militia, paid of course. Svetlana as the actual owner, Jax by her side of course (curse you and your lust card, gifford!). Us as the leaders of the land as a whole, Possibly with the entire area we control focused on commerce and trade with nearby nations.

2. Search for an ideal spot to build the main capitol: high ground, on or near a river and preferably also near the woods (for timber) and mountains (for stone). Arable land for crops nearby also a necessity. This may have to wait until we’ve done a lot more exploring and have enough funds.

3. Build a settlement or enclosure at the Radish Patch (hex 21). It was close to water, we can enclose it and it would give us a unique commodity. Potential issues: kobolds claim it, need to be careful to not piss off the local fey.

4. Rebuild the village of Greenwell (hex 45). The fact that a village was started there to begin with indicates there must have been some resources there like good farmland. It’s also close to two rivers and the Tuskwater lake (drinking water, fishing, transportation, trade route), a bridge (hex 46), and the forest (timber, nuts and berries, game animals). Potential issues: undead have already wiped out this village once — we’d have to find and destroy the source of the undead and eventually station troops in the new village to protect it from further dangers. Maybe even establish a church or shrine of Sarenrae here with a priest or oracle to help defend.


Possible resources to exploit to make the kingdom successful:

• crops: moon radishes, fang berries(druid assisted with plant growth)
• Fangberry moon radish moonshine. A.k.a., “Falinax’s White Lightning”
• gold mine (enlist kobold assistance)
• stone (need quarry)
• river transportation/trade routes
• fishing
• timber
• wizard/alchemist school
• highly trained high quality horses (druid and cavalier assisted with handle animal skills)
• skilled craftsman
• magic item creation or sale
• alchemical item creation or sale (well at least the elves will buy them)
• fighting schools (aldori sword, crossbow, kukri)
• assassination =X (the rogue has to have something to do lol)
• What else?


- The Shrike River hasn’t been used as a method of traffic into and out of Restov for over seventy years right? Bandits cut off the route and despite several attempts in the distant past (40+ years ago) to restore the route, it never happened. The route up the Sellen through the Hooktongue Slough has been the only route for a very long time.

- There are canals,locks, ferries, and bridges in the River Kingdoms. If a person builds a bridge (a la Davik Nettles) and charges a toll, they are generally considered an enterpreneur. In general though, it would be like trying to charge a band of nomads rent for stopping for a week on land you decide to claim. Some may pay you and grumble, but some may just go downstream and cross elsewhere. If a person tries to force people to use their bridge by destroying natural crossings and attacking people who cross in other ways, he will probably getting laughed at or stabbed for his efforts. However, they are still enterpreneurs, just ones that deserve to be stabbed. Trade tax is like laws in the River Kingdoms and vary from place to place and time to time.

There are canals, locks, ferries and bridges in Brevoy. Pretty much they aren’t tolled or taxed, just goods being sold in town are taxed, meaning, when you enter a town in Brevoy with goods, you pay a tax at the gate, dock, pier, etc.


Smuggling (aka avoiding paying trade tax) is against the law, but enforced to varying degrees. The penalty is a hefty fine, confiscation of all the illegal goods, and possibly other punishments, depending on the severity of the infraction. If you report someone smuggling, you get a nice reward, based on a percentage of the goods confiscated. This, and moderate cost of the trade taxes, usually makes it worthwhile to follow the laws of Brevoy. Small expensive goods like gems, rare woods and oils, magic items, etc, get taxed on each sale rather than entering or leaving a city with them. If you are not a recognised gem merchant for example, it is illegal to sell gems in a city to anyone other than a gem merchant.

If a ruler or mayor does these things, they are a tyrant and need to be dealt with. See the difference? If its a person or a small band doing this, and someone doesn’t like it, its fixable. If its a ruler, thats much harder.


- Everyone in the River Kingdoms sees the Stolen Lands as part of the River Kingdoms, so will expect the Five Freedoms to apply. Just like everyone in Brevoy sees them as part of Brevoy and expects Brevic laws to apply, as well as there to be allegiance to at least some faction of the Brevic political structure (Swordlords, the King, a Duke, etc). The Stolen Lands get their name from each side feeling the land belongs to them. Technically, they are whatever you all decide to make them, not necessarily part of Brevoy (a protectorate or duchy for example) nor a part of the River Kingdoms .

- All this being said, this doesn’t mean you have to follow the River Freedoms or Brevic Law. You can pretty much do anything you want, as long as you can back it up and get the support of the common citizen in your country. This leads to several questions you all might want to talk about in a very general sense. There is no need to get too bogged down into tiny details for much of this, as a lot of the kingdom building stuff is assumed to “just happen” unless an event or consequence dictates otherwise.

Kingdom Building Tips

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