House Rules

House Rules

1. Go with the flow, we are telling a story here, and the focus is at least half on its unfolding, rather than mostly on crunch and combat. Get into your character, his or her motivations, desires, fears, and issues. Yes issues, you are all adventurers, which means that you are all broken in at least one way, or you would be living on a farm raising a family happily ever after (or a mansion if you are a noble). If you can’t tell me what these things are, get some :)

2. Plot twist cards are cool, but I think we should talk about their use going forward. I am inclined to award them to the council as a group or the queen as leader in a manner similar to Hero points if you all are interested in continuing to experiment with them.

3. We are using storyline advancement points for this adventure instead of using XP. This means characters will all level together at set points in the story

4. Crits and fumbles as usual use the Crit and Fumble decks. Crits and fumbles need to be confirmed.

5. Game will use all CRB, APG, with some stuff from UM and UC allowed on a case by case basis. Traits from any Paizo source are usable.

6. Everyone gets 1 reroll per game (Christmas re-roll) if they use their green re-roll dice.

Item Changes

1. Weapon auras are not stackable, ie-flaming, frost,shocking, sonic, etc. If you have one on your weapon, that is the dominant element for that weapon. Additionally, spells or effects that add a weapon aura do not allow stacking results.

2. Some magic items beyond basic minor/some medium power require either research or special materials to create. Ask me and I will tell you. Mostly nothing ridiculous, just may require an actual sidetrek or noted activity during downtime to obtain.

3. DR/5 is overcome with any +4 weapon. No other DR is overcome automatically, instead requiring the specific weapon type to penetrate.

4. No Brilliant energy weapons or player crafted metamagic rods.

5. No guided or agile weapon properties.


1. No feats that add dex to damage outside of Aldori prestige class ability. This allows for the stacking of one stat that does everything (ref save, init, AC, attack w/wep finesse, and then damage).

2. No clustered shots. The one remaining weakness of ranged attacks is that they have some difficulty with DR.

3. I allow cleave to be used at the end of a charge, if all other conditions are met.

4. Craft Wondrous Item now covers all crafting feats except scribe scroll and brew potion. Feats


1. Overland flight is not normally available. I am heavily restricting any group or communal flight type spells. This campaign has heavy mass combat, and while I have nothing against aerial units, I really don’t want flying armies in the game.

2. Dark Tapestry/Lovecraft influences are prominent in this game as are Fey influences. Some spells are deemed Dark Tapestry or Fey and may have side effects to casting them. For instance Black Tentacles is a Dark Tapestry spell and may start to affect the sanity of one who regularly casts it.


1. Wizards will now have a cost to scribe spells into their spellbook. 1st level spells cost 500gp, 2nd level 1000gp, and all other spells 1000gp x spell level).

House Rules

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