Greenbelt Map Key

Key for the Greenbelt map on the Maps page



8 FAE Fernando The Magnificent
10 Beast, Game elk, cairn with wraiths, BLACK DRAGONS preying upon elk
11 Game Big sheep
12 Beast, Other Will-o-wisps, dead unicorn w/ possible hag hair nearby
13 Cave Abandoned campsite in cave
13 Beast WORG attack
13 Tracks WORG Tracks
15 Farm Farm
16 Farm Farm
17 Farm Farm
19 - Bear traps, dead hunter
20 FAE Fairy Dragon and FAE Encounter/
Dance Off
21 CAMP, Farm Kingdom camp established here, Moon Radish patch infest with Kobolds
22 Beast Trap door Spider ambush
23 Farm Westerling farm
27 ? Met the Boggard scout Gluurk-Drool riding his slurk and beset by darkscale kobolds. Party killed off kobolds except for Lirg, the one you all interrogated. Gluurk-Drool’s people were looking for a good place to relocate since they are being driven out of the swamp and other tribes are converting to the worship of the black dragons as avatars of Gogunta, their Demon-Frog God. Gluurk-Drool’s people apparently worship Fhloor, All That We Live In, which is apparently a primitive boggard version of the Green Faith. Fhloor is the embodiment of the swamp and all surrounding lands.
28 Ruins Lost temple to Erastil – former priest of Erastil cursed into bear form until we slayed him with extreme prejudice, which he thanked us for in spirit form
29 Bandits Bandit Ambush
29 STAR Bridge
29 Camp Thorn River Camp
30 Cave Mineral Deposit/ Possible Mine
31 Beast Wil o’ Wisp chase
31 Star Claw Tree, Now has a Tower and carriage house where Dr. Olshansky lives.
32 ? part of the kingdom, has a mill on the river.
37 Star Rickety bridge
38 Star FORMERLY Mite infested Tree of Doomy Doom Doom
38 Beast Ghoul Brawl w/ Ingulf
39 Star Bridge
43 Keebler Elven Graveyard in this hex, to the east of the looping river.
44 ? Kellid Stonehenge devoted to the Old Gods, Demetri slew a old man protecting it and recovered the Dagon books, a giant belt, and a heavy mace.
45 Ruin "Greenwell" Ruins with
Ghoul bodies, Fangberries, Broghan and Dallad’s cabin of brownie enslavement
45 Cabin Broghan and Dallad’s cabin of brownie enslavement
45 Berries Fangberries
46 Star Bridge – is a natural ford, but no man-made bridge exists here.
47 Cave Kobold Lair, Pool in forest south of river
51 ? Ruins of the elven village Laughing Waters, now the home of the Harbinger of Human Tears
52 ? location of the barbarian camp, the place where the children were sacrificed to activate the Rough Seed.
68 Cave Cave where Ingulf emerges while hunting the "Dukreeth" or
"Hidden Death"
53 Stag Lord’s Fort Still remains to be investigated…
54 Cave Worg cave.
Magic Druid/Fay Pool Pool with magic spirits or fay where Falinax was raised from the dead. Talking tree guardian in this area, as well.
55 ? Barrow mounds and Cairns. Thassilonian Ruins are here.
69? Barrows Thasselonian barrow dug out from the inside by ghouls. Inside contains magical traps, secret wizard parlor. Obtained magic cloak of resistance, green ring of protection +2, figurine of wondrous power (silver raven), wizard staff of the 7 rune lords, other non-magic items such as a dragon staff, box of rings.

Greenbelt Map Key

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