Entering the Stolen Lands

Seven years after the wedding of Baron Kevan Manning to the Lady Sylvia Harte, we find our intrepid band of adventurers pursuing various occupations.

What took place in the past seven years…

What our party has been up to…

The rest of the story…

Forming the Party (Desnus 1)

Kevan Manning has fought long and hard to secure his title and lands in Rogarvia. Numerous assassination attempts, political perils, and an incompetent younger brother were not able to prevent his upward ascension. He is almost ready to state his claim for the title of Duke of Rogarvia. He is fairly sure to get stiff resistance from some of the other Barons, like Brunwald and Reyne, as well as some reluctance on the part of the Regent himself.

The Baron decides it would be wise to shore up his southern border against bandit raids from the Stolen Lands and if possible establish a colony in the south, both for resources and as a fall back option. He grants a charter to the chancellor of Tammerling and niece of the head of the Swordlord Council, Arabella Ravenna. He combines his sharpest eyed warriors, Richard and Sir Eric to accompany his cousin south into the Stolen Lands to slay the notorious bandit king, the Stag Lord. In order to assure their success, he sends the monster hunters Udo and Demetri, along with his horsemaster Falinax and the Barony’s best healer, Jeremiah. Arabella herself also brings along her shadowy associate, Hede, who is rumored to be her leg-breaker and spy.

The Journey Begins (Desnus 2-9)

The party ventures down the South Rostland Road, making their way towards the wilderness beyond. They have been told by Joran, Demetri’s father, that their old friends Sir Oleg and Svetlana were married and moved out into the Stolen Lands. They operate a small trading post near the border and might be a good place to start their exploration. The party is attacked during daylight on the main highway by a bold group of bandits wearing green armbands and claiming to be the Stag Lord’s men. The party quickly dispatches them and continues on their journey. However, during the fight some of the horses are left unguarded and are set free by the bandits, requiring a daunting nighttime chase to gather all the party mounts. Finally arriving at Thane, Sir Eric makes some inquiries about bandit incursions from the Stolen Lands.

The party camps for the night in the forest near Thane, and it soon becomes apparent there is tension between the commoners and noble-born. Most of this is created by the conflict between a very outspoken Richard Hawke and the commoners. Since they were given separate instructions by Kevan Manning, the noble’s convening to talk separate from the commoners increases with rift.

When preparing for camp, Falinax notices signs of a fey presence, and leaves an offering of wine and silver. They are rewarded for their efforts by a cord of cut and stacked wood in Jeremiah’s wagon as well as a Fey favor woven of plants and herbs. Falinax attaches the favor to their wagon.

Bandits! (Desnus 10)

Ten days after their journey began, they reach the outpost run by their friends Sir Oleg and Svetlana. They are very glad to see the party, mistaking them for aid sent in response to their plea for help. Apparently, some of the Stag Lord’s men had been extorting protection money from them, taking supplies, and making veiled threats about taking Svetlana as well. The party eagerly agrees to help and sets an ambush for the bandits, who are scheduled to receive their regular payoff the next day.

The bandits arrive, led by a man named Happs. The party quickly kills them all but one, whom they question and force to lead them back to his camp. He tells the party he is part of a satellite group that is camped at the Thorn River Camp nearby, and their leader is a vicious woman named Kressle. The party decides the man is unrepentant and executes him.

Exploring the Stolen Lands (Desnus 11-19)

The party explores the region immediately around Oleg’s, not wanting to venture too far away and leave the outpost exposed to attack. During these travels, they meet a pixie named Fernando and become friends due to shared music and wine. The party learns he has a crush on a pixie named Mille who lives not far away, and when Fernando sees her favor attached to their wagon, asks them to put in a good word for him.

After having problems controlling the party mounts and keeping untrained riders on their horses during combats and treacherous terrain, Sir Eric begins training the horses to come to a whistle. The party finds tracks of heavily armored riders, a hidden cave with gold flakes in the walls (a future goldmine), and encounters some trapdoor spiders that surprise the party on the run. The party is attacked by worgs who nearly kill Jeremiah before being dispatched. This battle results in a serious case of sunburn for Demetri and a warm cave during a rainstorm for the party.

Important Discoveries (Desnus 20-23)

The party finds a patch of unusual looking radishes (moon radishes) that are being harvested and eaten by a band of kobolds. These kobolds immediately charge the party and try to kill them, eager to protect their treasured food source. These are quickly dispatched and the party examines the radishes. Falinax harvests some for future study and eventually figures out their worth- savory treats for kobolds and a powerful aphrodisiac for humans. Sadly, these rare plants only grown in this one grove for some reason.

The party continues their travels and encounters the fey duo of Perlivash the faerie dragon and Tyg-Titter-Tut the grig. These pranksters mess with the party until the bard Amadeo (recently joined the party) began playing music and tricked the invisible fey into showing themselves with good music. These fey tell the party of the worgs they already killed and a special fangberry patch to the south.

The party is in search of the fangberry patch when they are assaulted by an arrow storm from the forest nearly 500 yards away. As they duck down, they can hear angry shouts in elvish warning the “foul humans” to leave these lands and never return. When Udo (an elf) attempts to talk to the elves, an elf named Casfirillian (The Harbinger of Human Tears) shoots Udo with many arrows, nearly killing him as he names him a traitor. This encounter eventually turns out to be a single elf rather than a group, but it also causes the party to stay out of the forest for many months to come.

The party eventually discovers the fangberry patch and the swarms of angry thumbsplitter spiders that guard it, but learns the special property of the berries – they enhance the flavor of potions and beverages.

The party returns to Oleg’s for more rest and orders some new supplies as well as a set of combat trained horses for everyone.

Sir Kesten Garess Arrives (Desnus 23)

As the party arrives back at the trading post, they are alarmed to see five riders led by an heavily armored knight. They soon discover these warriors are the men sent south at the request of Oleg to protect the outpost. They are led by a noble fighter named Sir Kesten Garess who has a long discussion with Arabella, Richard, and Eric over wine and a good meal. He agrees to protect the outpost from bandits while the party explores the wilderness areas if they agree to include him in any honors and glory that result from their adventures. He is looking to make a name for himself as he is the fourth son and inherits nothing from his noble family. The party take a liking to him and he sets up a regular patrol in the immediate vicinity of the outpost.

Entering the Stolen Lands

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