Current BP Count


Can you please use this page to keep track of the latest BP amount so the party can see how many you have to work with? I will also post BP awards on this page.

Please add the earned BP Awards to your BP total, but do not erase anything below the line, so I have a running record.

Current BP Total = 36(5 per round recurring from trade)

Earned BP Awards(already awarded):
+5 BP for building granary and maximizing harvest yield
+5 BP for building mill and extending farmer’s profit
+3 BP from farmer’s for improving their financial status with purchases.
+4 BP if you build an apiary before January due to honey costs
+2 BP in December for building radish camp as new product hits markets in Restov and Brevoy.
+50 BP for freeing Baron Manning
+6 BP for returning religious relics
+4 BP for aiding tribe with plague

Current BP Count

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