Character Creation

Character Creation Rules


Character creation for the Kingmaker game will be done using an elite stat array, namely:

15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 10 (instead of an 8)

Then add one point to your primary stat and one to any secondary stat you choose. I will award a bonus feat once you create your character. Also, every PC automatically has the Leadership feat, meant to be used on one of your minions. The idea is they will serve as your second, taking care of the duties of your position while you are out dealing with stuff. No creation feats are allowed, and your cohort will only accompany you when it makes sense for them to come along, not as a regular adventurer.


You may choose one character trait. The second one will be chosen for you based on your actions and personality.

Starting Wealth:

Player starts with 3000 GP plus GM awarded magic items.


Select whether you are of noble or common birth, and if noble, which family from Brevoy. For the moment, all characters will come from Brevoy, Numeria, or the River Kingdoms. I will provide a very basic character background, and then you will have to fill in the rest.


Allowed races are Aasimar, tiefling (no abilities, but heritages are okay), tengu, kobold, undine, changeling, plus core rulebook races.

Allowed Material

This is backtracking a little, since I previously said all books are in play, but after reviewing again, I don’t want to have to try and guess the impact of untested stuff from UM and UC in this campaign. If there is something you really want from them, ask me, but in general I am disinclined to add stuff.

EDIT I am currently reviewing these two books for spells and feats to approve. No books beyond UCombat are accepted unless it exactly fits your character. For instance, I allowed the Swordlord prestige class from Paths of Prestige because the queen had been a story swordlord that had to play a fighter.

In general, I don’t like the gunslinger flavor, think the summoner and some magus archetypes are poorly designed and tested, and prefer the oriental classes to stay in a campaign apppropriate for them (not this one). I am not a fan of the alchemist in general, but am willing to accept the CRB/APG version of them. Most of the newer alchemist stuff goes in a more steampunk direction that I dislike.

CRB: all allowed

APG: all allowed

UM: Bard masterpieces, druid material, inquisitor material, Sorcerer minus wildblooded and crossblooded material, witch material, most feats and some spells (approval required). I am concerned about the magus power level but am willing to try one if someone is interested. No dual-cursed oracles or legalistic curses.

UC: rage powers, rogue material, inquisitor material, style feats (monk only). Clustered Shots is not allowed.

Character Creation

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