Campaign Overview

Welcome to the introduction to Kingmaker, the most anticipated Adventure Path so far from Pathfinder, and a campaign that will be a little different than what we are used to normally.

Main Story

The noble members of the party are emissaries from Brevoy, a divided kingdom (imagine northern and southern Ireland and you get a good idea) with a fair amount of political unrest, and a culture much like Renaisance Italy. There is a strong emphasis on wealth and nobility, honor (many duels!), all the arts, and luxurious living. You are being sent into a neighboring territory to explore and map out the region, and then establish a colony there, to act as a buffer between the politically fragile Brevoy and the wild River Kingdoms, a collection of independent petty kingdoms, often thought of as bandit kingdoms by larger more established coutries. The area you will be exploring is called the Stolen Lands, and is “claimed” by Brevoy, who feel it was “stolen” by bandits and monsters, and now want it reclaimed. The are several groups being sent into different regions of the Stolen Lands to complete similar missions. The charter your group carries is to explore the area known as the Greenbelt, establish a colony there, clear out the region of miscreants and monsters, and returning the territory to more civilized ways. From time to time, Brevoy may assist the party with gold, decrees, or material goods in support of their work.

Whats Different?

This campaign is going to be a “sandbox” style Adventure Path, which means there is not set timelines or events that must be completed in a certain order by the party. There are some basic things you all need to do, but the order and arrangement and even if you do them, is entirely up to the group. As a group, you must carefully choose classes, races, and character builds that are going to be effective and useful in this campaign, as your survival could depend on it. Unlike other campaigns, you can expect its possible for a band of 10th level creatures to stumble upon you all at 1st level and slaughter you in camp during your travels, so this is sort of throwback DnD. Don’t expect you can defeat every encounter or that you should even engage every encounter. Count your arrows and your rations, and treat your mounts like gold, because they might mean you can outrun those 10th level creatures and survive. Because much of this is the wilderness, expect that money will be a bit tighter than usual, and replenishing goods will not be easy like it might otherwise be in a more civilized area.

We will be using a 0-level mini-adventure as an introduction to the campaign, so that you all can get a feel of the culture, politics, and your own characters before things really get going. This adventure will revolve around a wedding between two noble houses and will draw all the characters into the story and introduce them to one another. I think you will find it enjoyable, and perhaps even allow your experiences to affect which direction your character goes once you hit 1st level.

Roles and Duties

There are several Kingdom Roles that can be filled once your kingdom is founded, but these won’t take place until you are ready for the kindgom building portion of the game. Also, there are Party Roles, meta-game type, that you are able to select. Each have an out of game or party duty type responsibility, but will also translate into a bonus within the game. Whether or not you all take these roles at all is up to you, there is no requirement for filling any of them if you all choose to ignore them.

The Big Twist

There is another aspect to this campaign that is relatively unique. There will be sort of a “game within the game” going on during Kingmaker. You all will be responsible for choosing how your kingdom develops, what structures to create, what natural resources to develop and use, who to ally with, who to appoint to positions of responsibility, etc. Leadership feats may be useful in managing your kingdom as well. More details of this will be forthcoming when we get to that stage of the game.

The player’s guide to Kingmaker has already been distributed, as well as an intro sheet for this particular campaign. I will be assigning you all starting backgrounds, but it is up to you to create a personality to go with this basic framework. Basically, I am providing your birthright, its up to you to decide how you feel and what you want to do about it.

Campaign Overview

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