Lords of Fluviallis

Our Story Begins...

Our story begins seven years after the Union of House Harte and House Manning, and many things have come to pass…

Baron Kevan Manning and his wife Sylvia have given birth to Ian their son and heir, as well as a second son Sean.

Darrin Manning has married Eilene Harte and the couple live together in Castle Harte, ruling the old House Harte lands for the Manning family. It is rumored that they are married in name only, living in separate wings of the house, and Lady Eilene is known to show public disdain for the antics and decisions of her husband.

Ser Ethan, who had gone to live with the Mannings, died an untimely death less than a year later, his throat ripped out by a wolf while he was out in the woods. His death and several others to follow after, namely a young knight named Sir Andrew and that of several of Lady Sylvia’s maids, all at the hands of wild beasts, prompted a series of great hunts to reduce what appeared to be a suddenly ravenous beast population in the Manning lands.

The poisoner, sometimes referred to as Rufus, has not been seen again, and despite Hede’s intense scrutiny in Restov, no one has ever heard of a fat merchant fitting his description, apart from only Lady Charlene of House Lucchio in Restov, who weighs 300lbs and has blonde hair.

Sir Oleg married the prettiest of Castle Harte’s cooks, Svetlana, and has retired to open a trading post way out in the wilderness inside the Stolen Lands. He said he was tired of all the politics and wanted a fresh start among honest, hard working men like trappers and hunters.

There is increased talk of rebellion in Rostland now that 11 years have passed with House Surtova in charge. This is especially true in the old Harte lands, now ruled by an an Issian nobleman with no connection to “his” people. Trouble is brewing in the area around Tammerling, and the influence of Lady Harte and Lord Quintus Ravennus (Lady Arabella’s father) will only last so long.

Lady Ravennus has given birth to three sons, Maximus, Gaius, and Octavian, who are 7, 6, and 4 respectively. Lord Quintus is quite happy with her, and their family gets along well with Lady Harte. The two Ladies often spend the evenings together talking or sewing, and get along well.

Lord Harte has unfortunately not aged well. He is suffering from serious gout, has a breathing problem from a bad bout of pneumonia, and recently has begun suffering from dementia. Nearly half his days now find him rather addled, and only around his favorite hounds and horses is he himself. When he is clear, he mostly reminisces about the great fights and hunts he used to go on, back when he was younger and his body more fit.

Father Merrick, formerly a Harte family knight, decided a life of pious servitude suited him better than being a warrior. He has succeeded Father Brendan as head of the Tammerling Cathedral.

Father Brendan is currently enjoying his retirement in a quiet country cottage south of town.

Bethany Snow, formerly a chambermaid of House Harte, has been promoted by Lady Eilene, to her lady in waiting. She has the lady’s ear, is her confidante, and often speaks for the Lady, acting as her agent in town or abroad. She has grown into a lovely young woman and has become more cultured and educated, benefitting from the same tutors sent to the castle for Lady Eilene by the Baron. She still appears to have a fondness for one Eric Fernbrook, and enjoys his occasional visits on official business.

Andronicus Mourne moved to Castle Manning with the Baron and has increased his power base until he drew the notice of the Duke of House Garess. He recently moved to being the Grand Vizier of House Garess, and one of his elder protégés, Antoine De Vray, has taken over as the Vizier of House Manning. Not surprisingly, the frequent incursions by bands of Numerian savages into Garess lands has all but stopped. His nickname comes from several object lessons that resulted in mass deaths of commoners who were unruly and rebellious.

Alistair Stormwatcher has come into his own as a wizard and is the Arcane Advisor for Castle Harte and Lord Darrin. He seems to know something about everything that’s going on, and either uses extensive divination magic or has an excellent network of spies. Darrin dismisses him as an intellectual snob, which usually causes him to ally with Lord Quintus and Lady Harte against him. Where his true loyalties lie no one is quite sure, as he keeps things close to the vest. His nickname comes from his affinity for lightning and stormy weather, which is reflected in his choice of magic.

Mark “Burner” is still in training under Mourne and therefore is stationed at Castle Manning with his mentor. Despite having natural magical gifts, he has proven somewhat disappointing as a student of the wizardly arts, and is still an apprentice, while Drakkus, who arrived four years after him, has graduated from his initial training. His nickname comes from the fact that he is more likely to accidently burn himself than his intended target, and from the tendency of Mourne to set him working in the lab to keep him out of trouble.

William Black – When Lord Darrin took over the castle, organized hunts pretty much stopped, since he despises the outdoors and any sort of physical exertion. The position is now pretty much in title only, and only a handful or horses and a few hounds are left in the castle, and then only because the ailing Lord Harte loves them and spends most of his time with them. With these changes, the old Horse Master has retired from his old post and moved back to the east to live with his nephew in a country estate.

What have they been doing?

The party has been equally busy, as the last seven years activities are described below…

Richard Hawke was promoted to captain of the Lord’s guards by Baron Kevan and has served ably in this role ever since. He is particularly gifted and countering assassination attempts, and has foiled numerous attempts since he took over his office. He is now spends a great deal of time traveling between the lands to the North and Winterhaven(Castle Manning) guarding the Baron, though less vigilance is required now than in previous years due to the Baron’s solid and capable rule. (Take at least 1 point in perception and 1 point in Sense Motive)

Eric Fernbrook was promoted to command of internal security for Baron Manning’s strongholds, and it is due to his diligence and that of Richard Hawke that the Baron still breathes. The Baron was extremely unpopular in his first year of rulership following his father’s death, and many of his enemies took it as an opening to start a new ruling house. He ventures back and forth quite often between Winterhaven and Tammerling, and his sharp eye has been put to use by the Baron for many things unrelated to security.
(Take at least 1 point in knowledge: Architecture and 1 point in perception)

Udoeak and Demetri, now part-time caravan guards, spend most of their time searching for rare herbs or stalking dangerous creatures in Brevoy and the edges of the Stolen Lands. So far they have managed to slay several ghouls and an evil faerie creature, gaining them moderate renown in the local area. They are known to get the job done, though perhaps with a little more property destruction than their employers would prefer.
(Take at least 1 point in Knowledge: Nature and 1 point in Knowledge: Arcane or Knowledge: Religion)

Lady Arabella is now the town chancellor and hears most of the complaints of the townsfolk, passing on those that are serious to her father, and resolving those that are not. It has become common knowledge that if you waste her time or complain too loudly, bad luck will befall you.
(Take at least 1 point in Diplomacy and 1 point in Intimidate)

Jeremiah Strickland has become something of a healing savant, and after restoring the wife of a wealthy Restov merchant of some influence, has gained a reputation as a healer who can cure anything. While this is not entirely true, he has increased the membership of the church in Tammerling significantly and generated a very large increase in its coffers. He currently holds a new church title Jeremiah, Blessed of Sarenrae, appointed to him by Father Brendan’ successor Father Merrick.
(Take at least 1 point in Knowledge: Religion and 1 point in Healing)

Drakkus has been finishing his apprenticeship with Mourne in Castle Manning. He just recently completed his studies and was pronounced done by Mourne this last summer. So far he has been weighing his options for the future, and has not decided on a path yet. His time in Castle Manning has given him the opportunity to observe much of the political machinations of nobility, and in this area as well he was a sharp student.
(Take at least 1 point in Intimidate and 1 Sense Motive or 1 point in Bluff)

Falinax has taken over the position of Horse Master, which is really more of a babysitter to Lord Harte. On sunny days, the Lord heads down to the stables and stays among the animals till dusk, talking away to Fal and mis-remembering the names of the hounds and horses. On days when its rainy or cold, he usually stays abed and on those days, Falinax is able to move about the countryside and scout out the woods and surrounding areas. Recently, the Baron and Eric have asked Falinax to become familiar with the forest to the north and report any unusual events to them via messenger bird. During these outings, Fal met his current mentor, an old half-orc hermit who seemingly appears and disappears at will in the forest. After leading Falinax on several days worth of lively chases, he finally stopped and gave him his name Oakenfist. He taught Fal the way to connect to the inner life force of nature, both plants and animals, and how to sense the weather.
(Take at least 1 point in Knowledge:Nature and 1 point in Handle Animal)

Hede is almost never seen these days, and only appears now and then in town or around the castle. He spends most of his time investigating and validating or disproving rumors for the Lord Mayor and the Chancellor, though most average citizens do not know him as affiliated with the nobility. He has worked with Eric to test the defenses of the castle from time to time, and is very effective at moving about unseen.
(Take at least 1 point in Stealth and 1 point in Perception)

The Rest of the Picture


The lands of House Manning have grown into a Barony, with House Harte lands being ruled by a Lord. In this case, Lord Darren Manning has taken over that role, and rules from Castle Harte. Each town in the Barony has its own Lord-Mayor, as well as a Chancellor in case of emergencies. Each lord acts as judge and jury in his domain, with a council of lords necessary to rule on cases involving one of their own. No punishment can be meted out against a noble in the Barony without the authorization of the Baron.
Baron Manning , well supported by some excellent lieutenants and advisors, has grown into his role as a strong leader and politician. He has negotiated new trade deals that are more favorable towards merchants in Tammerling and Winterhaven, and has solidified his alliances with Duke Garess and the royal family of Surtova. In contrast to his brother, Lord Darrin is weak and distracted as a ruler, preferring to spend his time writing poetry and drinking with his other literary companions. Talk of rebellion has risen since he took over, since he has made several unfavorable rulings and appears to outsiders as a foreign dictator imposed upon the local populace. The recent harsh weather has caused even more unrest, and the former Harte lands are inching closer towards open rebellion and insurrection. Only the steady hands of Lord Quintus Ravennus, Lord Mayor of Tammerling, and the elder Lady Harte have staid the hands of the young firebrands preaching secession from Brevoy.


The wedding between the Baron and Baroness Manning is sometimes referred to by farmers and commoners as the Blessed Union, because closely coinciding with the event was the start of a six year cycle of exceptionally good weather. Most of southwestern Brevoy and into the Stolen lands has experienced bumper crops and extremely prosperous times, with several years even providing another an additional seasonal harvest never before available. The winters are shorter and warmer and the remaining seasons are more balmy and pleasant, with more gentle rains and less wild storms.
This phenomenon went on for so long that much research by arcane and druidic groups was done to try to determine if there was a supernatural cause. However in the last year, the cold, stormy weather has caught up with the good, and last year’s winter was extremely long (6 months) and the summer never got warmer than the weather in a normal spring season. This year’s autumn has already turned cold in the very early weeks, a fact that is viewed as ominous by farmers and nobles alike.


The Surtova family strongly allied themselves with the already popular church of Abadar funding the construction of temples across all of Brevoy. The relative prosperity and lack of natural disasters has allowed increases in the level of civilization and growth in towns and cities, especially in southern Brevoy, which has been openly credited by the King and Church to the blessings of Abadar. Most cities, towns, and even villages now worship a trinity of Pharasma, Sarenrae, and Abadar, with the latter being the overarching deity. Vaultkeeper Norinda Stanislaus, High Hand of Abadar, appoints all clergy over the level of acolyte and the Coucil of Lawgivers issues issues decrees on church doctrine.
The church of Erastil has been formally dismissed as archaic and out of touch by the New Church of Brevoy. Most of his worship has gone underground in larger towns and cities, and he is only openly worshipped in remote villages and outposts. Tammerling has a brand new temple that was built 4 years ago, though due to Acolyte Strickland’s healing gifts, Sarenrae and Pharasma have equal standing to Abadar.

Mercantile business

Tammerling and Restov merchants have become extremely wealthy as a result of the increased social stability and good weather in recent years. Their trading houses have grown, and houses that were small six years ago are now lords of commerce. Many new trading houses and businesses have sprung up in recent years, especially in agriculture, textiles, and metal goods. On a personal note, young Niccolo, a merchant the party met at the wedding, has grown to become the most powerful cloth and textiles merchant in Brevoy and the River Kingdoms.

Do you have a Flag???

here is your flag lol

Setting Out
Post #1 (Session 4/16/11)


Old Lord Harte dies (the bride’s father).

Lord Ravennus is moved up from Lord Mayor of Tammerling to head of the castle in the area.
– Brother in law (through his sister) of old Lord Harte
– Ara’s Dad

Darren is being “moved” north. His wife Ileen (sister of the bride) is “too ill” to accompany him.

Baron Kevan Manning gives us charter and map.


Short Term: Reach Oleg’s Trading Post

– Stop banditry (Staglord)
– Secure south from invasion of Surtovian/Brevan forces
– Explore & Map, report back

Long Term: Establish Outpost

Other Details:

Weather: Spring, still frost at night, sunny, storms incoming from North, 40’s and wind
Time/Distance: 8 to 9 days with cart to reach Oleg’s Outpost


Camp: Find Fae marking, leave offerings, recieve rewards (wreathes, fruit, firewood)
Village of Thane: Ask about Staglord and the Greenbelt
Camp: Attacked by bandits, humans and half-orcs, green scrap on their arms, try to steal horses
Notes: One bandit archer escapes, we save our horses, and take a bandit’s horse
Kills: Demetri (1), Eric’s Horse (1), Richard (1)

Bandits Battle
Post #2 (Session 4/30/11)

Strategy Meeting:

In order to have a more organized defensive plan in case of attack, it was decided that:

- Everburning torches will be placed around the edges of camp
- Richard & Drakkus will guard the mounts/carts in case of attack
- We will train animals to come to a signal (whistle?)
- Lady Ara will guard Jeremiah
- Hede will set traps during camp set up, focusing on making noise to alert

Note: Input and suggestions from all are welcome!

Weather: 40’s/50’s, frosts at night, colder than usual, unseasonably cool

Hex Info: 150 sq. mi./12 miles to cross corner to corner (Cartographer: post more detail???)


- Found 2-day-old tracks of someone armored & heavy
- Find good campsite; camp carefully; wolves present, but no further issues
- Day 3 of 9: no event
- Day 4 of 9: camp, into Stolen Lands trails, warmer, drenching rain, traveling SSW
- Day 5 of 9: Richard cares for weapons, party forages to extend food supplies, begin training horses to come to signal whistle, passed large carnivorous cat eating a giant elk, camp in dry area with cat claw territory marks
- Day 6 of 9: rain holds off, met Fernando the Magnificent a very fun finely dressed fey with a blue feather who likes “Millie” (Minnie?) the Brownie who helped us earlier and gave us the wreath
- Day 7 of 9: roughly 50’s to 70’s, warmer

Info on Groups in Stolen Lands:

- Greenbelt: Us
- The Hooktongue Slough: West, East Sellen River
- Gnomen Heights: East, Centaurs, Maegar Varn: Swordlord sent to make peace with the Centuars
- Glenebon Uplands: Iron Wraith Swordlords sent to wipeout Tigerlord Barbarians and establish contact with Pitax (River Kingdom)


- Oleg Levitin: early 40’s, former commander of Harte knights, rebuilt abandoned fort for trade
- Svetlana: former cook, married Oleg
- Fort: wooden palisade, 4 watch towers with broken down catapults, 30 ft. wide gate, house/stables/guest house/etc.
- Bandits: come first day of the month for last 3 months, fewer come everytime, NO green armbands, well equipped

Bandit Fight:

- We lure them in and close gate behind them.
- Leader had a silver stag pendant.
- Kills: Dmetri: 1, Drakkus: 1, Oleg: 2 (including leader), Eric: 1

Worg Attack and Freaky Fae
Post #3 (Session 5/14/11)


Odd traveler shows up with a violin. (JT!)

Kestin Garess arrives:
- Younger noble son
- Not one for politics
- Scandal involving a weaver’s daughter
- Left to become a mercenary
- Arrives with about 1/2 a dozen men
- Hopes that helping in the Stolen Lands will restore his place in house Garess
- His father, Evan, is cousin to the Garess Patriarch

Worg attack:
- Find a cave with broken tools
- Light a fire to lure bandits
- 5 worgs attack
– Kills: Eric’s horse 1, Udo 1 (dire worg leader)
– 3 run, 2 pelts recovered

Fun with Fae:
- Demetri finds awesome campsite
- note on Hede’s cloak: “kik me”
- Richard’s bolt case filled with flowers
- next morning we start randomly dancing a jig
- Grig named Tyg-titter-tut and a fairy dragon named Perlivash
- Grigs love music and dancing
- Perlivash stuffed a skunk in Eric’s pack
- Tyg tells us about “interesting plants” to the east

Fun with radishes:
- clearing with big leafy blue-green plants
- roots have some sort of radish
- little horned lizard men chase us off
- we manage to make off with about 20 plants
- Hede, Udo, and Falinax go back for another radish raid
- later find out they are rare and expensive “moon radishes”

Oleg’s Trade House:
- rewards for bandits
- rewards for moon radishes
- offer of a charter to whomever stops the Stag Lord (we take that down)
- orders of supplies are in

- head back out and run into trapdoor spiders: kills: Phoebus, 1; Richard, 1; Eric’s horse, 1

Other notes:

2nd level!!!

Post #4 (Session 5/28/11)


Eric and Drakkus went back Oleg’s

Hex to south of Radish patch and Radish Patch:
- Rocky hills
- Less grass
- Between two rivers
- Cave with evidence of bear habitation
- Herd of several hundred huge elk (not dire)
- Berries
- More evidence of animals (few cats, mostly wolves and bears)
- Poison Ivy incident with Fae
- About 1/2 of Radish Patch uprooted and taken towards Oleg’s

Confrontation with Bandits at Thorn River Camp:
- Tracks into a trap
- Udo blows up one (Marrick) and stuns another
- Ara beheads axe wielding woman (Kressel)
- Final kill count: Udo 1, Ara 1, Richard 1, Hede 2
- Sniper archers try to escape, Hede kills them both at bandit camp
- Jax captured, eventually taken back to Oleg’s
- Lots ’o loot
- Info about “The Hound” a dwarven tracker with the Stag Lord
- Info about Stag Lord, passwords, etc.

- Send letters back to Tammerling with Stag Lord pendants
- Oleg gives Jax a chance to turn around
– Oleg approves of idea to expand
– Jhod Kavken: priest of Erastil with dream about ruined temple, we offer to take him along once he’s learned to ride

Head our again:
- Will-o-wisp tries to eat us
- Demetri and Fal go “commune” with weird tree
- See weird little lizard men (kobold) tracks
- giant old sycamore dying
- Weird little lizard men are fighting with blue headed things (mites)
- We aid lizard dudes
- Total kill count: Hede 3 (on crit), Richard 2, Demetri 2, Udo 4 (one crit), Ara 2 (one crit), Fal hits no kills
- 11 kobolds total
- 19 mites dead
- head kobold calls Jeremiah “savior” and they swear allegiance to us

Tapestry Rewoven

Plot Twist cards played so far:

Jeremiah – played Lust card on Jax and Svetlana. Tapestry Re-woven
Hede – played Bad Decision card on mite archers trying to shoot Demetri, they fell out of the tree. Tapestry Re-woven

Falinax – played Backstabbed! card on Mite Leader and Tick, they were flanked the rest of the battle.
Udo – Played Moment of Indecision card on bandit holding elf hostage, prevented him from doing a coup de grace.

Each were awarded a hero point, Jeremiah used his point to add 4 to an attack roll.

Sycamore Attack
Post #5 (Session 6/11/11)


Loot the dead mites

Garok (Kobold leader) of the Sootscales
- tells us of quest
- Mickmac is trying to get a sacred statue back fro the mites

- camped near us, roasting elk
- has 16 stag pendants
- Kellid warrior from the north (Viking)
- The Hidden Death (Dukreth) wiped out all his people
- went into a cave up north that let out by a lake here (most likely a portal)
- monster smells of corpses

Fight #1
- ghouls and trolls
- 1 undead troll, 8 ghouls, 1 ghast
- kill count: Hede 1, Jer 1, Rich 2, Ingulf 2 (???)
- Ingulf burns them

- Ingulf gives Falinax berries he found
- We track the ghouls to a ruined village
- We find loot and a book, an ornate gold chalice (holy), 3 plates with silver inlay
- Village was called Greenwell
- Go towards ford looking for Fangberries, no luck

Fight #2
- camp attacked by hobgoblins
- kill count: Ara 2, Udo 1, Drakkus 1, Richard 1
- loot: 49 coins of a silverish metal (nickel) w/ a hooded figure on one side & a laughing figure on the other (w/ pointed ears)

Fight #3
- back at tree, find an old dead mite cut in half (Ingulf? Mickmac?)
- in brambles:
- Udo falls in pit and finds a dead bandit and 2 dead kobolds
- on way back out, fight mites, 2 giant centipedes, and a giant tick
- kill count: Udo 1 centipede, Rich 1 mite, Hede got one mite to kill another, Demetri 2 mites, Ara 3 mites (including purple mite leader) & 1 centipede, Drakkus 1 giant tick
- we all get out

Since I’m writing this I get to add how awesome I am that I took the centipede’s head all by myself in hitpoint, but Hede was giving me flanking (or something) bonuses, and that I threw my dueling sword to skewer the escaping purple mite leader thing (thank you for fetching it back Falinax).


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