Lords of Fluviallis

Player Challenge

I would like for each of you to write a short adventure log entry from the perspective of your character about the attack on the hunter’s cabin. It should reveal something about how your character feels about some aspect of the event. Doesn’t have to narrate the whole thing, just sort of a quick thought or two about something that happened there or that you all did or discovered. This is your chance to show something about your character in a OOC way.

…and BTW, in our haste to disband last game session, I neglected to tell you all that there are 6 bushels of radishes also found in the hunter’s cabin :)


Thought you guys did a great job this last game session, especially adjusting to some nasty suprises that came your way. I especially thought that Falinax was starting to come into his own as a druid, and I thought that Scott did some of his best RPing to date this last game. Good job dealing with the degenerate hunters as well!

Happy Independence Day!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

You all have been happily traipsing about throughout the wilderness now for over a month of in-game time, and several months of RL time. You have fought off worgs, wights, bandits, mites, ghouls, and will-o-wisps. Thats a lot of hard work!

In celebration of your hard work and the holiday weekend, everyone add 1 point to their current constitution as a story award. This way it gives you a week to get it added on before you come to the next game!

If anyone watches Transformers, tell me how it is!

River Kings: SVU
Post #6 (Session 6/25/11)


Loot the dead mite leader, Fal gets a shiny necklace

Where’re Benson and Stabler when you need them?
- Hear screams while camped for the night and investigate
- Find an elven woman being assaulted by three woodsmen while four riders watch
- I get kicked in the face repeatedly by the leader’s horse (yay me)
- Kill count: Udo 3 (and 2 horses, ok!), Demetri 1, Hede 3 (including leader who had played dead)
- Leader was Falgrim, knight who left the service of the Harte’s after Oleg left and Sir William of the Mannings took over
- Loot: all stuff from Oleg’s (aww no…) and magic Aldori dueling gloves (yay for Ara!)
- Rescue elven woman: Saraithinial
- Baddies’ symbol was a green field with three acorns across the top and a pinecone beneath, called the Forestlords (or something gay like that)

Oleg’s (R.I.P.)
- Falgrim entered as a friend
- Staglord attacked and started a fire
- Falgrim took advantage of the chaos and stole everything
- Oleg died of poison
- Jax saved Svetlana by hiding her in the hay
- Jax and Svetlana managed to put out the fire so only part of the stables are destroyed
- Kesten and his Irregulars (they need prunes) had ridden off to fight the Staglord
- Kesten was attacked by a wizard (we heard the explosions) but defeated him & destroyed the rest of the acorn boys
- Eric arrives back with 10 militia from Thane
- Map is sent to Baron Manning
- Thomas Levino, a human smith arrives: he is the protege of the master dwarven smith in Tammerling

Wilderness again
- elk, wolves, giant humanoid footprint (old)…
- camp near gold mine
- encounter: get your wights wighter with Arm & Hammer! (wow, that was worse than I intended)
- kill count: Ara, 1; Phoebus, 1; Udo, 1; Demetri, 1
- Phoebus almost turns undead, but the party decides it doesn’t want rotten bacon, so he is mercifully spared, YAY!

Sycamore Attack
Post #5 (Session 6/11/11)


Loot the dead mites

Garok (Kobold leader) of the Sootscales
- tells us of quest
- Mickmac is trying to get a sacred statue back fro the mites

- camped near us, roasting elk
- has 16 stag pendants
- Kellid warrior from the north (Viking)
- The Hidden Death (Dukreth) wiped out all his people
- went into a cave up north that let out by a lake here (most likely a portal)
- monster smells of corpses

Fight #1
- ghouls and trolls
- 1 undead troll, 8 ghouls, 1 ghast
- kill count: Hede 1, Jer 1, Rich 2, Ingulf 2 (???)
- Ingulf burns them

- Ingulf gives Falinax berries he found
- We track the ghouls to a ruined village
- We find loot and a book, an ornate gold chalice (holy), 3 plates with silver inlay
- Village was called Greenwell
- Go towards ford looking for Fangberries, no luck

Fight #2
- camp attacked by hobgoblins
- kill count: Ara 2, Udo 1, Drakkus 1, Richard 1
- loot: 49 coins of a silverish metal (nickel) w/ a hooded figure on one side & a laughing figure on the other (w/ pointed ears)

Fight #3
- back at tree, find an old dead mite cut in half (Ingulf? Mickmac?)
- in brambles:
- Udo falls in pit and finds a dead bandit and 2 dead kobolds
- on way back out, fight mites, 2 giant centipedes, and a giant tick
- kill count: Udo 1 centipede, Rich 1 mite, Hede got one mite to kill another, Demetri 2 mites, Ara 3 mites (including purple mite leader) & 1 centipede, Drakkus 1 giant tick
- we all get out

Since I’m writing this I get to add how awesome I am that I took the centipede’s head all by myself in hitpoint, but Hede was giving me flanking (or something) bonuses, and that I threw my dueling sword to skewer the escaping purple mite leader thing (thank you for fetching it back Falinax).

Tapestry Rewoven

Plot Twist cards played so far:

Jeremiah – played Lust card on Jax and Svetlana. Tapestry Re-woven
Hede – played Bad Decision card on mite archers trying to shoot Demetri, they fell out of the tree. Tapestry Re-woven

Falinax – played Backstabbed! card on Mite Leader and Tick, they were flanked the rest of the battle.
Udo – Played Moment of Indecision card on bandit holding elf hostage, prevented him from doing a coup de grace.

Each were awarded a hero point, Jeremiah used his point to add 4 to an attack roll.

Post #4 (Session 5/28/11)


Eric and Drakkus went back Oleg’s

Hex to south of Radish patch and Radish Patch:
- Rocky hills
- Less grass
- Between two rivers
- Cave with evidence of bear habitation
- Herd of several hundred huge elk (not dire)
- Berries
- More evidence of animals (few cats, mostly wolves and bears)
- Poison Ivy incident with Fae
- About 1/2 of Radish Patch uprooted and taken towards Oleg’s

Confrontation with Bandits at Thorn River Camp:
- Tracks into a trap
- Udo blows up one (Marrick) and stuns another
- Ara beheads axe wielding woman (Kressel)
- Final kill count: Udo 1, Ara 1, Richard 1, Hede 2
- Sniper archers try to escape, Hede kills them both at bandit camp
- Jax captured, eventually taken back to Oleg’s
- Lots ’o loot
- Info about “The Hound” a dwarven tracker with the Stag Lord
- Info about Stag Lord, passwords, etc.

- Send letters back to Tammerling with Stag Lord pendants
- Oleg gives Jax a chance to turn around
– Oleg approves of idea to expand
– Jhod Kavken: priest of Erastil with dream about ruined temple, we offer to take him along once he’s learned to ride

Head our again:
- Will-o-wisp tries to eat us
- Demetri and Fal go “commune” with weird tree
- See weird little lizard men (kobold) tracks
- giant old sycamore dying
- Weird little lizard men are fighting with blue headed things (mites)
- We aid lizard dudes
- Total kill count: Hede 3 (on crit), Richard 2, Demetri 2, Udo 4 (one crit), Ara 2 (one crit), Fal hits no kills
- 11 kobolds total
- 19 mites dead
- head kobold calls Jeremiah “savior” and they swear allegiance to us

Worg Attack and Freaky Fae
Post #3 (Session 5/14/11)


Odd traveler shows up with a violin. (JT!)

Kestin Garess arrives:
- Younger noble son
- Not one for politics
- Scandal involving a weaver’s daughter
- Left to become a mercenary
- Arrives with about 1/2 a dozen men
- Hopes that helping in the Stolen Lands will restore his place in house Garess
- His father, Evan, is cousin to the Garess Patriarch

Worg attack:
- Find a cave with broken tools
- Light a fire to lure bandits
- 5 worgs attack
– Kills: Eric’s horse 1, Udo 1 (dire worg leader)
– 3 run, 2 pelts recovered

Fun with Fae:
- Demetri finds awesome campsite
- note on Hede’s cloak: “kik me”
- Richard’s bolt case filled with flowers
- next morning we start randomly dancing a jig
- Grig named Tyg-titter-tut and a fairy dragon named Perlivash
- Grigs love music and dancing
- Perlivash stuffed a skunk in Eric’s pack
- Tyg tells us about “interesting plants” to the east

Fun with radishes:
- clearing with big leafy blue-green plants
- roots have some sort of radish
- little horned lizard men chase us off
- we manage to make off with about 20 plants
- Hede, Udo, and Falinax go back for another radish raid
- later find out they are rare and expensive “moon radishes”

Oleg’s Trade House:
- rewards for bandits
- rewards for moon radishes
- offer of a charter to whomever stops the Stag Lord (we take that down)
- orders of supplies are in

- head back out and run into trapdoor spiders: kills: Phoebus, 1; Richard, 1; Eric’s horse, 1

Other notes:

2nd level!!!

Bandits Battle
Post #2 (Session 4/30/11)

Strategy Meeting:

In order to have a more organized defensive plan in case of attack, it was decided that:

- Everburning torches will be placed around the edges of camp
- Richard & Drakkus will guard the mounts/carts in case of attack
- We will train animals to come to a signal (whistle?)
- Lady Ara will guard Jeremiah
- Hede will set traps during camp set up, focusing on making noise to alert

Note: Input and suggestions from all are welcome!

Weather: 40’s/50’s, frosts at night, colder than usual, unseasonably cool

Hex Info: 150 sq. mi./12 miles to cross corner to corner (Cartographer: post more detail???)


- Found 2-day-old tracks of someone armored & heavy
- Find good campsite; camp carefully; wolves present, but no further issues
- Day 3 of 9: no event
- Day 4 of 9: camp, into Stolen Lands trails, warmer, drenching rain, traveling SSW
- Day 5 of 9: Richard cares for weapons, party forages to extend food supplies, begin training horses to come to signal whistle, passed large carnivorous cat eating a giant elk, camp in dry area with cat claw territory marks
- Day 6 of 9: rain holds off, met Fernando the Magnificent a very fun finely dressed fey with a blue feather who likes “Millie” (Minnie?) the Brownie who helped us earlier and gave us the wreath
- Day 7 of 9: roughly 50’s to 70’s, warmer

Info on Groups in Stolen Lands:

- Greenbelt: Us
- The Hooktongue Slough: West, East Sellen River
- Gnomen Heights: East, Centaurs, Maegar Varn: Swordlord sent to make peace with the Centuars
- Glenebon Uplands: Iron Wraith Swordlords sent to wipeout Tigerlord Barbarians and establish contact with Pitax (River Kingdom)


- Oleg Levitin: early 40’s, former commander of Harte knights, rebuilt abandoned fort for trade
- Svetlana: former cook, married Oleg
- Fort: wooden palisade, 4 watch towers with broken down catapults, 30 ft. wide gate, house/stables/guest house/etc.
- Bandits: come first day of the month for last 3 months, fewer come everytime, NO green armbands, well equipped

Bandit Fight:

- We lure them in and close gate behind them.
- Leader had a silver stag pendant.
- Kills: Dmetri: 1, Drakkus: 1, Oleg: 2 (including leader), Eric: 1


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