Sir Falgrim Sneed *DEAD*

Dastardly knight of the realm, leader of the Forestlords (now deceased)


Sir Falgrim Sneed was the knight commander of the Manning household after Sir Oleg stepped down from the position. When the Harte household was absorbed by the Mannings after the Blessed Union, his pride could not stomach the demotion beneath Sir William, and he angrily quit and left for greener pastures. In particular, he fell in with a gang of cutpurses and highwaymen who respected him and his fighting prowess and formed the Forestlords. This nasty group was responsible for slaughtering the peaceful elven community of Laughing Waters and taking their women prisoner for more dastardly purposes. The party encountered Sir Falgrim and his men chasing after Sarithiniel, an elven survivor, and intervened to stop the assault. The party managed to slay Sir Falgrim and his men, resucing Sarithiniel. Not long after, Sir Kesten caught up with the party in the wild, after reporting that his men defeated the remaining Forestlords, including their mage, earlier that evening. He was hunting them because Sir Falgrim treacherously slew Sir Oleg while he was under the protection of Knight’s courtesy and used poison to do it.


Sir Falgrim Sneed *DEAD*

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