Sir Aedric Harte

Paladin of Abadar & Marshall of Valis


27 year old paladin of Abadar, 6’ 2", 208 lbs, black hair, fair skin, hazel eyes


Nephew of Lord Harte, originally from Brevoy; born in Castle Harte but raised in Garess among House Templeton after the Blessed Union, then went on to Stone Vault and became a paladin of Abadar. Currently the Marshall of Valis, and is a member of the Council. Is a member of the Enlightened Order of Abadar, and leader of the Knights of the Broken Harte.

Has been seeking lands and a wife to re-establish House Harte within Valis. Known as The Martyr, Aedric has died and been resurrected a number of times, usually after protecting the Queen. Was linked for a short time to Lady Gisveti, the Mivonese Speaker for the Houses in Exile, and then to Serene Mendoza of Mivon; lately linked to Lady Jeyne Westerling.


Sir Aedric Harte

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