Baron Kevan Manning

Liege of the Party, Issued the Stolen Lands charter to the party


Baron Kevan Manning has grown from a carefree heir to the Baron of the Manning lands. He was married to Lady Sylvia Harte the beautiful but tempestuous daughter of his family’s mortal enemy at a wedding now referred to as the Blessed Union. Sadly, his father was assasinated at the same festival, apparently by the Reyne family, though no proof has ever been shown of the culprit.

The Baron thinks highly of the party and commissioned them and several other mercenary groups to go south into the Stolen Lands and claim lands for him and the Swordlords. It was his hope that the added resources would strengthen his political position among the nobles of Brevoy enough for him to claim the title of Duke of Rogarvia. If not, at least it would serve as a fallback option in case he and the Swordlords were pressed by the Brevic Crown. The party has exceeded his expectations in the haste with which they dispatched the Stag Lord and settled the Greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands.

Unfortunately, his brother Lord Darren conspired with his new spiritual advisor, Lord Grunthor a priest of Gorum (really Lamashtu) to assasinate the Baron and take his place. His plan partially succeeded, as a rare posion unknown in Brevoy was used to render the Baron nearly lifeless in a deep coma. His bride stayed with him, and they, along with the elder Lady Harte and Lord Mayor Ravennus (Arabella’s father) were imprisoned in Castle Harte. The party managed to free the Lord Mayor when he was moved out to a mercenary encampment in the woods nearby, and Lord Mayor Ravennus is even now planning their release with the aid of his brother-in-law, Lord Ianucchi of the Swordlord Council.

Just last month, the Lords of Vallis set forth and boldly rescued the Baron and his family, as well as Sir William and a rogue aldori swordlord known as the Weeping Warrior. Baron Manning is now hard at work negotiating for aid in retaking his Castles back from the invading forces.


Baron Kevan Manning

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