Lords of Fluviallis

Trouble in Mivon


After safely arriving in Mivon, the Vallis entourage settled in to await the promised festivities. Queen Arabella was supposed to officially receive and offer of marriage from Lord Andrei Giovanni immediately after the feast to honor her visit.

However, what was supposed to be a small gathering soon became a full blown major festival, with many of the Mivonese houses arriving, and even the Pitaxan ambassador. Things escalated and the hosts, Lord Giovanni and Lord Scarlotti, expanded the grounds, added more kitchens and tents and attempted to accomodate a five-fold increase in guests.

During the pre-banquet preparations, a Hellknight named Asperia sought an urgent audience with the queen…in order to tell her that Lord Giovanni was plotting her death at the festival! She offered her services to the queen until a future time and event and was accepted. With this news, the Queen’s council spread out to ferret out any conspiracies and assasination plots. They discovered several spies and at least one assasin in the kitchen, but that plot seemed aimed at the Pitaxan ambassador instead.

Taking no chances, Sir Aedric cast a delay poison on the queen prior to dinner. While no one attempted to harm the guests from Vallis, there was an attack during the feast. The group from House Gisveti was attacked by wild bandits with bows, and the Lord and his heirs were apparently killed before the perpetrators escaped. During the fray, the arcane casters from Vallis attempted to render aid until the Mivonese wizard Thorne accused them of being accomplices.

The apparent villain was a bandit leader named Rainbow’s Daughter, who had been fighting the logging in the Mivonese forests mostly led by House Gisveti. She and her fellow bandits escaped under a fog cloud, carried off by a flight of giant eagles.

In the wake of these tragic events, there was an immediate council of present houses where the Queen and Vallis were found to be innocent of wrongdoing. The hosts insisted on spiriting the Queen and the Pitax ambassador back to their tents under heavy guard for their protection.

The next morning, the festivities were deemed inappropriate given the House Gisveti deaths, and the guest from Vallis were invited to accompany Lord Giovanni back to his castle Goldenhalls off to the east. The queen accepted and soon they departed.



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