Lords of Fluviallis

Silly Brevic Kniggets!

Monty python

Last game session, the Vanguard of Vallis managed to restore one of their fallen members, Falinax, to life through the use of a magic pool. After his return, the party continued to explore hexes, waiting for the water level to drop enough to explore the Staglord’s Fort. While waiting, they discovered a tomb among the barrow mounds that showed signs of something burrowing out from the inside. Opening the tomb, they explored and recovered several ancient relics, some magic items, and a Thassilonian translation book.

After leaving, the waters were still too high to reach the fort, so they returned to the safety of Oleg’s Fort, and took a well deserved break to socialize, craft magic items, and sell off recovered loot. During this time, Lady Arabella received a coded letter from her father, Lord Mayor Quintus Ravennus, who was imprisoned in Castle Harte, held captive by Lord Grunthor. It instructed her to come and rescue him as soon as possible, so our intrepid adventurers are now preparing for a foray against Castle Harte.



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