Lords of Fluviallis

Recap of last Weeks Events


We began the Kingdom of Valis last game session, established the ruling council, and begun construction on the town of Alterfreund. Roads were begun in the area, and plans to connect the nearby farmsteads into the kingdom were laid out. Other events:

• Party arrives back at Oleg’s, Arabella and Jeremiah talk with Madrae.
• Drakkus and Hede depart for Restov with Staglord’s head and helm.
• Cassandra returns to the wilds, the smith goes back to work.
• Wagons arrive with gifts from Baron Medvyed, and a letter w/formal invite to the Tourney.
• Kesten returns from the farms w/Chief Sootscale.
• Saraithiniel returns along with some farmers, mourns Udo, talks with Madrae.
• Farmers bring supplies and offer to help clean up the fort.
• Jhod asks Falinax to accompany him out to the farms.
• Saraithiniel goes back out to the farms.
• Ingulf and Demetri return, having killed the Duk’kreeth.
• Kesten’s scouts report two lionriders see to the west.
• Drakkus turns in Stag Lord’s head, talks with Quintus.
• Saraithiniel returns and takes up the cloth of a dervish of Sarenrae.
• Large party seen traveling along road, heading east. Many mounted barbarians. Two squads of mercenaries come north along the shrike, from Mivon, heading north to serve Darren.
• Walls around Oleg’s are finished, including walkway by front gate.
• Drakkus returns with the gems, Madrae restores Udo to life, then casts restoration spells upon him.
• Sir William sends guardsmen bearing supplies (30 BP to start the kingdom) and a sad letter and a new charter.
• Captain of the Guard and Jory arrive, having turned over duties in Tammerling to his son. Brings letter from Quintus to Arabella.
• The entire 48 members of the Manning Household Knights have come to Oleg’s “on a pilgrimage to pay respects to their dead comrade”. In reality, Sir William sent them south in order to have them close by should Darren attempt something, in this particular manner, he has removed them from the commands of the regent. They are led by Sir Lakus, Sir Merivor, and Sir Antonius are the three knights paramount (9th lvl+), and include another 9 knights of quality (above 7th level). The remainder are 3 shield knights (4th lvl), 15 squires (1st lvl knights),18 pages. Each knight paramount has a shield knight, 2 squires, and 2 pages. Each knight of quality has a squire and a page, each shield knight also has a page.
• Huge storm descends, party rescues Lady Bethany and Lady Eilene from the Lion riding barbarians. Sir Eric proposes amid the storm and is now engaged to Lady Bethany (once he comes up with a ring that is).

When we begin again, our heroes will be 5th lvl, resting safely at the new town of Alterfreund.



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