Lords of Fluviallis

Journal Entry of Wind-That-Races-Before-The-Rains

His ribs were sore and his shoulder ached where the Forever Hunter’s (trolls) claws had gouged him several days before. Wind-That-Races-Before-The-Rains was grumpy today, which wasn’t helped by the constant chattering of his two-leg and the rest of his people. They sound like birds fighting over seed. Once more he was glad his people used shifts in stance to indicate mood, and adjustments of the ears and head to show intent, so much easier and more to the point quieter. He wasn’t sure when he started thinking these thoughts, or when the chirping of the pink skinned two-legs members of his herd began to make sense to him, he just knew it was real now. He grunted at the female two-legs horse, Light-That-Escapes-The-Clouds, and shifted slightly towards her, indicating his interest, to which she replied “I’m eating” with a swish of her tail.

The last few suns and moons had been a blur. He remembered being at a two-legs’ cave where they were culling weak members of the two-leg herd (a habit of the two-legs he found strange), then travelling back to the two-legs mountain, made from dead trees and covered with the strange pelts they wore around their bodies, when they didnt have shells on. He wished he had a shell when he met the Forever Hunters, maybe his shoulder would feel better. At least the two-legs with the nice voice had made him feel better, though he didn’t like the smell of magic it gave off.

In any case, he got to see Prances-Lightly-In-High-Grass in the stables when they returned to the two-legs mountain, which made him want to run really fast thinking about it. He waited while a lot of pounding and chirping went on, and he wondered why the two-legs had to make more mountains when they pounded, why couldn’t they just stomp the ground like his people did? At least he got to see the short two-legs who spoke properly to the people in the herd, and had a nice conversation with him. He talked about planting food, probably the nicest thing two-legs ever did. He liked the small one, who always had a few carrots or apples on him, and was the only one who ate normal food. Why couldn’t they all be like this one?

His herd then split up again (another thing that puzzled him, why would you weaken the herd on purpose?) and his half went south, to meet the lizard two-legs, but they were holed up in their cave and did not come out, but then again, thats what lizards do. We stayed in a normal cave the next moon, and I did my best to quiet our people, especially when another herd passed by in the night. The next day we went to a two-leg water path that wasn’t there anymore, and we stood fearfully while the two-legs chirped at a dead thing. After that the water path was back again, and we crossed the river. We seemed to be following another herd (maybe they finally realized there is safety in numbers?) but when they crossed the river, we left their path and went the other way. At least we are staying near the river, where it is cool, there is always fresh grass, and plenty of cool water to drink.

The next sun, my two-leg led the herd to a place of Beginnings and Endings. The one with a nice voice and a kind touch went swimming, apparently not knowing where we were. I hope when it is my time to go, I get to go there, and have my own Beginning. The entire woods smelled like spring, and I wished the two-legs in the party could make their magic smell as nice.

We also traveled towards the setting sun for several sun and moons, stopping when we found huge fields of water. Our two-legs seem to enjoy walking through water, as they are always seeking it out, and constantly trying to go back and forth acrossed it. Maybe this helps them stay alive, and their pink skins need water?

We finally left the water fields, and went back across water(see what did I tell you?) after chirping at the dead thing again. We went to the burrow of the lizard two-legs again, but they were still inside. They must be sick or dead, because all people know that lizards like to sit on rocks in the warm sun, not stay in their burrows.

Later during that sun, we smelled a large burning, so big and strong that even the two-legs knew about it. My two-legs had us head directly for it. Traveling directly into danger as often as possible also seems to be something they do alot, maybe it helps cull the herd? When we got to the burning, there was another two-legs there, and he chirped at our two-legs. Our two-legs got alarmed, and while the people waited for the danger to come, the two-legs sat down and starting all chirping together, mostly at the new two-legs. Why do they signal danger at the newcomer and then chirp at him like he is part of the herd? At least the new one seems calm, I wonder if he is joining out herd?

Evidently, he is joining our herd, and now travels and sleeps with the herd. Our two-legs made a small burning like they do some moons, and more chirping, this time late into the evening. Once it got dark, they were joined by the rest of our herd, once again restoring us to a safe number. Our people were all calm then and quickly went to sleep, even those that were recently running, and the chirping kept going (even birds sleep at night, two-legs!) Maybe the short one will bring me another juicy apple or carrot, that might make me forget the soreness from the Forever Hunters…


This is, in case anyone wonders, Sir Eric’s horse…


This has given me SO much insight as to our recent (mis)adventures…


Hehe, well just so you know, its not a commentary on your party or how they are doing, unless you take it that way yourself. It was mostly meant to show Eric that his horse is becoming sentient (he is adding a point to INT at 4th) but not there yet (doesn’t understand common). Also meant to show that his horse is not a set of hooves with stats, but actually has distinct personality and opinions about things. Oh and besides that, give everyone, especially the druid, some insight as to how animals might feel about things IMC (In My Campaign). Besides, I felt with all the carnivores in your group, it was the least I could do to let the lone vegan among you feel like someone was on his side :)


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