Lords of Fluviallis

Giants attack!


On the road to Goldenhalls, the combined forces of Queen Arabella and Lord Giovanni are surprised by giants hurling boulders and barrels of flaming pitch! Their leader rode a giant wooly rhino and they were aided by savage orcs and a masked wizard dressed as Rainbow’s Daughter in a colorful cloak.

The forces engaged and all of the leaders engaged the separate giants over a wide battlefield. The rhino rider and wizard began wreaking havoc among the massed troops of swordlords and many were routed from the field of battle.

After a pitched battle that lasted many rounds, the enemy were slain, including the wizard who turned out to be none other than the Mivonese wizard Thorne, who held a vicious grudge against Drakkus, the Magister of Vallis.

Tragically, the Marshall of Vallis was slain, the Queen, her bodyguard, and betrothed all seriously wounded, and the majority of Giovanni’s swordsmen lay dead on the field of battle.

As the survivors began to pick through the wreckage, many questions arose. Why did these giants attack? Who sent them? Where did they come from? Why were they trying to kill the Queen and Giovanni? Where there more dangers lurking ahead on the road to Goldenhalls?


What can we do without Aedric????

Giants attack!

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