Lords of Fluviallis

All around the fangberry bush, POP goes the gnome king

Post #6 (Session 7/16/11)

Stuff happened… no seriously…

- wounded dragon (kobolds call it Corhander and bolt)
- explored a hex
- weird warbling sound
- human hunter/woodsman tracks, one with bad boots

- in a long valley along a river
- lots of thorns
- red and brown aggressive “chew” spiders
- berries look like dark purple raspberries
- grow in humid conditions with sandy soil and direct sun

Radish Patch:
- find 4 dead kobolds (not sootscales)
- human tracks here (one with bad boots)
- patch nearly destroyed
- Fal stays to try to fix the patch
- Loostryfe plants near patch

- make enquiries about a Ravenmaster (would cost 100g for set up and 1 yr. salary)
- Eric and Richard go to Bokken to deliver fangberries

Everybody loves elves:
- back to radish patch to find nice cabin
- ambushed by archer elves
- shoot Amadeo and Udo
- call Udo a traitor
- Casferaillian “herald of human tears”
- they likely think we destroyed the elven village Saraithinial was from
- back to Oleg’s to find her

American Gothic (it’s the title of a painting):
- Saraithinial and Jhod went to the Westerling farm to help with the orchards
- Udo and Fal go to bring her back and on the way Udo’s horse runs into a slice-o-matic
- Redcap (Moragh) attack
- from previous monster hunting incident with Demetri
- Westerling family: Mark & Janine, son Anton, 2 daughters Lisa & Jeyne (Jaynie-pretty redhead)
- Redcap is looking for distressed Brownie named Janeen (also)
- Redcap kills workhorse (Udo gives them 35g to replace it)
- Fal negotiates and tells the Redcap where he thinks Jennine is in exchange for safety of everyone (see below)

Everyone’s favorite desert:
- Drakkus had a dream that he was a brownie named Jennine being held captive in a box with a chain of cold iron
- there was also a woman being kept as a slave
- two evil humans (at least) named Broghan and Dallad (one with bad boots)
- we search for Janeen, hear warbling again

The seven dwarves were away for a long weekend apparently:
- find another cabin and attack
- Udo gets bear-trapped
- Eric kills Dallad
- Ara kills Broghan (sword through neck, yay!)
- Hede kills Richard (the 3rd bandit, not the Dick) with Fal’s help
- Hede releases Janeen who disappears
- Fal heals young woman (Sarah)
- cooking rabbit
- crap leather armor
- 1 studded leather armor
- short composite bow (14 strength)
- masterwork longsword
- masterwork battleaxe
- traps for river creatures
- cold iron chain
- pelts: otter/mink/cats worth 200g
- potion of healing 1d8 +3
(no staglord symbols)



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